Why send your curtains and drapes out for cleaning when you can have the experts of Steamway Aurora professionally clean them on-site with no hassles? Our technicians are licensed and certified to clean all types of curtains and drapery so they are left looking beautiful and free of dust.

Benefits of Professional Curtain and Drape Cleaning • Restore beauty to your home
• Improve indoor air quality
• Remove odors
• Extend the life of your curtains and drapes
• Less dust in your home
Why Curtains and Drapes Get So Dirty

Your curtains and drapes may appear clean but, if you give them a good shake, you will probably see a spray of dust particles come out of them. This is especially true of drapes made from heavy materials. The reason that curtains and drapes get so dirty is because they hang in front of windows, acting like a filter to all debris which is blown in. The materials will trap everything from pollen to car exhaust. From the other side, your curtains and drapes also collect debris from the air in your home, such as cigarette smoke and pet dander. Over time, all this debris takes a toll on your curtains and causes them to look faded and worn.

The Curtain and Drape Cleaning Process

Quality curtains and drapes are often made out of sensitive materials which need to be treated with care. Only professionals with experience should clean these materials, and they should never be put in the washing machine or left at the dry cleaners. At Steamway Carpet Cleaning Aurora, our technicians have extensive training in cleaning various curtain materials, including silk, lace, sheer, linen, jute, bamboo, wool, and blends.

The curtain cleaning process starts with an assessment. Our technicians will then decide whether steam cleaning or dry cleaning is better for getting the curtains clean. We always take the time to explain the process to you so you understand what to expect.

Any stains are pre-treated and then the technicians will proceed with cleaning the curtains or drapes. We use state-of-the-art equipment and the highest-quality cleaning solutions. Our methods ensure that no shrinking or fading ever occur. As an extra precaution, our technicians will always spot test a small area of the curtains or drapery before proceeding. By the time we are done cleaning your curtains and drapes, they will be free of all traces of dirt, dust, dander, smoke, and other debris. The process leaves very little moisture so your curtains dry almost immediately.

Contact us today to learn more about our curtain and drapes cleaning services or to get a free estimate. We look forward to serving you!